Alumina 99,7% is a ceramic material on the basis of highly pure alumina with small additives of magnesium oxide.

Characteristics: Density: 3,9 g/cm³
Hardness: 400 HV
Pressure strength: 2800 N/mm²
Bending strength (blank): 340 MPa
Modulus of elasticity: 380 GPa


Zircon oxide ceramics is a ceramic material on the basis Z2O3 zircon oxide part-stabilized by highly pur with 3Mol Y2O.

Characteristics: Density: 6,05 g/cm³
Hardness: 1300 HV
Pressure strength: 4000 N/mm²
Bending strength (blank): 1200 MPa


Zircon oxide ceramics is a dispersion ceramic(s) on the basis of part-stabilized zircon oxide and alumina, which leads to an increase of the firmness and/or facture toughness oppostie pure ZrO2.

Characteristics: Density: 5,5 g/cm³
Hardness: 1300 HV
Bending strength (blank): 1395 MPa (1000°C: 800 MPa)


LPS SiC possesses a higher facture toughness by its special structure construstion in relation to other ceramic(s), in paricular the past SiC materials.

Characteristics: Density: 3,18 g/cm³
Bending strength (blank): 590 MPa
Facture thoughness KIC: 6,9 MPa/m²
Spec electrical resistance: 0,2 - 0,5 Ω/cm


Aluminium nitride is a ceramic material, the one very high heat conductivity with at the same time good electrical isolation characteristics as well as outstanding corrosion characteristics prossesses.

Characteristics: Density: 3,2 g/cm³
Bending strength: >250 MPa
Spec heat conductivity: 120 .. 140 W/mK
Middle longitudinal strain (20 ..1000°C): 5,0 10-6K-1
Spalling resitance: 450 K