Units for medical technology

In the medical technology ceramic materials are characterized by biocompatibility. Ceramic is likewise resistant against body fluids.


Ceramics for watch and jewelery industry

Due to its hardness and scratch resistance ceramic comes more and more in the market of watch and jewellery for use. Watch cases, bracelets and bezels are manufactured with superior optics and surface.


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CAD/CAM  Blanks in Zirconium Oxide 

MicroCeram offers pre-sintered Zirconia Disk for Dental CAD/CAM Systems.  This Ceramic Blanks are suitable for dental restorations, r CNC machining of copings, crowns, bridges and dental framework.


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Components for dental technology 

The dental sector is one of MicroCeramic’s biggest growing markets for the future. The main advantage is the biological compatibility of the material, thus the risk of allergic reactions can be eliminated completely.

Laser and sensor parts

Good electrical punch strength and stability over the entire pH value range are the advantages of ceramic materials in the area of the sensor and laser technology.

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Analysis technique

Excellent high temperature stability and resistance against aggressive media are favourable characteristics of ceramic materials.

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Nozzle technology   

In the nozzle technology ceramic materials play a large role due to their excellent characteristics regarding wear-resisting quality, hardness, tenacity and thermal stability.

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