The shaping takes place on modern low pressure injection unit with pressure between 6-20 bar with following hydraulic comoressor.


Green maching

For machining in the "green state" (unsintered) are varios CNC milling centers and lathing machines with driven tools available. This enables a near net shape machining and reduce the cost of grinding.

Debindering/sinter processes

For the debindering and sinter processes both oxidizing burning aggregates and furnaces with inert gas and/or vacuum operation as well as hot-presses are available.

Finishing processes

The final operation of ceramics takes place on CNC controlled round and surface grinders.
For optaining quality surface finish there are lap-, polishing and honing machines available.


Laser treatment

For the treatment of ceramic components we have lasers of different middle achievements, wavelenghts and pulse lengths. With this spectrum most different demands for customers can be realized.